Article 1
THE BOA VISTA MARATHON CLUB organizes the BOA VISTA ULTRA TRAIL in collaboration with the amateur multisports FRIESIAN TEAM. The event takes place on December 7th and 8th 2024 on the island of Boa Vista in the Cape Verde archipelago (West Africa).

Article 2
The Boa Vista Ultra Trail is an umbrella event spanning three individual, non-stop individual foot races during which runners provide their own food, do their own orientation and set their own pace. The Boa Vista Ultramarathon (now on its 21st outing) is held over a distance of approximately 150 km, the Salt Marathon over 75 km and the Eco Marathon over 42 km.
Once Salt Marathon entrants reach the finish-line they must stop. However, athletes entered in the Boa Vista Ultramarathon (150 km) may stop at the intermediate finish-line (end of Salt Marathon, 75 km). If this happens, they will be entered into the Salt Marathon standings, after the last ranked athlete officially entered in the 75 km. If, however, the athletes entered in the Boa Vista Ultramarathon retire at a check point different from the intermediate finish-line, they will not be entered in any classification.
In any case, the Salt Marathon finish-line must be crossed within 16 hours of the start of the race. After this time limit has been exceeded, athletes will not be ranked and cannot continue beyond this point.

Article 3
Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory food and equipment (indicated on the relevant page).

Article 4
Any adult of 18 years and over, male or female, regardless of nationality, that meets the requirements of the present rules and is in possession of a medical certificate attesting to their fitness to participate in this race, may enter the Boa Vista Ultra Trail. Italian athletes must provide a sports medical certificate issued by preferred sports medicine centres. Non-Italian athletes from nations where these centres do not exist, must provide a medical certificate attesting that they are fit for competition accompanied by a stress EKG carried out no more than three months before the start date of the event. The medical certificate must be issued no more than 60 days before the start of the event and must be presented during the technical/administrative verification.

Article 5
In all three races, every competitor – male or female – will be ranked in the overall classification relative to the finish-line they reach and without distinction of age or sex. Nevertheless, male and female classifications will also be drawn up independently of the overall classification.

Article 6
During the technical and administrative verification, the organizers will provide each competitor with two numbered bibs which must be worn for the entire duration of the event: one at the back on your backpack and the other on the front of your top. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in penalties being applied (see relevant page). Please note that the bibs are worn for your protection and any interference with them will incur penalties.

Article 7
The Boa Vista Ultra Trail takes place over a single stage with a cut-off time of 40 hours for the Boa Vista Ultramarathon, 16 hours for the Salt Marathon and 10 hours for the Eco Marathon. Competitors must present themselves at the check points located along the route and indicated in the road book. The check points are a minimum distance of 9 km and a maximum distance of 15 km apart.

Article 8
The organizers will provide each competitor with water at the start, at each check point and at the finish.

Article 9
The course traverses various kinds of terrain: sand, rocky ground, dirt track, paved areas and asphalt.

Article 10
Medical assistance is available along the race route with VHF radio links to the organisers. In agreement with the race director, the chief medical officer has full authority to retire any competitor if their physical condition makes this necessary. In case of retirement or disqualification from the race, competitors must return their bibs and get aboard the vehicles provided by the organisers and remain at the disposal of the latter. Should the chief medical officer deem intravenous fluids (phleboclysis) are required, the athlete is automatically retired from the race.

Article 11
The entry fees for the Boa Vista Ultra Trail 2024 are as follows:
– by 31.05.2024 at 23:59:
280 Euro for the Boa Vista Ultramarathon
190 Euro for the Salt Marathon
80 Euro for the Eco Marathon

– by 30.09.2024 at 23:59:
320 Euro for the Boa Vista Ultramarathon
220 Euro for the Salt Marathon
90 Euro for the Eco Marathon

– by 30.11.2024 at 23:59:
400 Euro for the Boa Vista Ultramarathon
270 Euro for the Salt Marathon
100 Euro for the Eco Marathon

Entries that do not contain all of the required administrative documentation and full entry fee will not be accepted.

1) Entries must be made either by fax, post or online by presenting the completed entry form accompanied by an entry fee payment receipt and a photocopy of your passport. Entrants must provide the organisers with the original signed form at the technical verification.

2) The organizers reserve the right to reject any entry by a competitor without explanation.

3) The organizers reserve the right to close entries early also.

Article 12
The organizers reserve the right to close entries in advance.

Article 13
The classifications are divided into men’s and women’s rankings. Times will be expressed in hours and minutes. The rankings will be drawn up by adding together the times logged and any penalties received.

Article 14
Each participant will receive a race pack. All athletes that finish the race will also receive a medal, a certificate of participation and a finisher t-shirt.
The top 3 athletes in the men’s and women’s rankings in the Boa Vista Ultramarathon, Salt Marathon and Eco Marathon will receive a trophy.

Article 15
The organizers remind all participants that all three foot race routes in the Boa Vista Ultra Trail traverse desert terrain with extreme climate and environmental conditions.

Article 16
It is expressly prohibited for those accompanying athletes to follow them during the race and to position themselves along the route or at the check points. Any external assistance offered to participants will result in the immediate disqualification of the athlete.

Article 17
The attached documents relating to mandatory equipment and penalties are an integral part of these rules.

Article 18

The Boa Vista Marathon Club and the Friesian Team reserve exclusive right to the use and dissemination of the Boa Vista Ultra Trail image.
Competitors entering give permission to the organizers to have the exclusive rights to use their name and image (individual and group) for all matters pertaining to their participation in the Boa Vista Ultra Trail.

Article 19

All competitors agree to take part in the full knowledge of the risks involved in this kind of competition and assume full responsibility for said risks.
The organizers will not be held responsible for any accident or incident that occurs before, during or after the running of the Boa Vista Ultra Trail.
The organizers can at any time change the race route and conditions if they feel participants’ safety is compromised.

Article 20
A “gate” will be located at checkpoint number 8, Ponta de Ervatao, located at kilometer 83. Boa Vista Ultramarathon runners must pass through it within the cut-off time of 20 hours.