Before sending us your questions, please read the short notes below as they will probably answer most of your queries.

When does the 2021 Boa Vista Ultra Trail take place?

The event is scheduled to take place on December 4th and 5th. It starts at 7 am on the morning of Saturday 5th December.

How many routes are there?

We have three competitions: the 150-km Boa Vista Ultramarathon, the 75-km Salt Marathon and the 42-km Eco Marathon (approx.).

What about the elevation change?

The elevation change in the Boa Vista Ultra Trail is not a major issue. There is a 1,300-mtre elevation change in the Boa Vista Ultramarathon route, 500-metre in the Salt Marathon and 400-metre in the Eco Marathon.

Can I enter the Ultramarathon and then stop at the Salt Marathon finish-line?

Yes, you can. But be aware you will be entered in the Salt Marathon rankings below the last ranked athlete that officially entered the 70 km event.

What are the event gates?

We have time limits in place: 40 hours for the Boa Vista Ultramarathon, 16 hours for the Salt Marathon and 10 for the Eco Marathon. The only gate along the route is at CP no. 8 at Ponta de Ervatao, at km 83, and athletes must pass through it within 20 hours of the start.

What do I need to bring with me during the race?

Compulsory kit spans a backpack containing food, a sleeping bag and compulsory equipment indicated in the specific area “Compulsory Equipment”. Spot checks will be carried out during the competition and competitors whose backpacks do not contain all the required items will be disqualified and excluded from the classifications.

How do I wear my bib?

First and foremost there are two bibs, both of which must be worn for the entire duration of the race: one on your backpack and the second on the front of top.

What type of footwear do you advise?

We suggest trail-running shoes which are designed for off-road running routes. They must be comfortable and not too tight. This is because when you run long distances, the volume of your feet may change between the start and finish of the race. Heat and extended physical exertion can change the size and shape of your feet and a shoe that is a half-size larger than you usually take might prove a very wise choice.

How can I avoid blisters?

LThe first rule of thumb is not to run in shoes you’ve just bought or that are even relatively new. You should use a pair that you are already confident running in. Furthermore many athletes that have competed in the Boa Vista Ultra Trail change their socks frequently during the race. A pair of socks will reduce the number of blisters but won’t solve the problem entirely. You can also use special plasters which you can find in any pharmacy, to help prevent blisters.

Is there any way of reducing the amount of sand getting into my footwear?

Preventing any sand getting into your shoes is something that you won’t manage because the tiny grains of desert sand get everywhere. Nonetheless certain running gear companies have developed gaiters which are worn over your footwear’s upper and cover the ankle. However, many runners just use ordinary tights which they pull on over their shoes: this is a cheap “once-off” solution and can be very effective in some instances.

Do I need a medical certificate?

Yes. No exceptions. You must have a medical certificate stating you are fit to compete in Light Athletics. Specifically, Italian athletes must provide a sports medical certificate issued by specialist sports medicine centres (Art. 5 – M.D. 18-2-82). Non-Italian athletes not in possession of similar certificates must provide a medical certificate attesting that they are fit for competition accompanied by a stress EKG carried out no more than three months before the start date of the event. All documentation must be presented to the organisers during the technical verifications before the race.

Is there a risk I could get lost?

The Boa Vista Ultra Trail is a non-stop individual race during which athletes provide their own food, set their own pace and do their orientation. It takes place in a natural setting with long stretches through wild landscape and over various types of terrain: sand, rocky ground, dirt track, paved areas and asphalt. It is thus possible that a “distracted” competitor could get lost but the route is traced in such a way that orientating yourself should be quite easy.

How do I find my way?

You will find a print road book in your race pack complete with map and instructions on following the route. If you wish, you may also download the GPX route for the race by clicking on the “Race Routes” section of the website.

What will the temperatures be like?

The race traverses desert terrain and so climate and environmental conditions are extreme. During the day, temperatures get above 30 degrees but can fall as low as 10 degrees at night. So you will need to bring all the necessary kit to cope with this temperature difference in your backpack.

What kind of assistance will be provided?

You bring your own food for the Boa Vista Ultra Trail, apart from water which will be provided at all check points.

What happens when I cross the finishline?

We will put a fantastic medal around your neck and, at the subsequent prize-giving ceremony, you’ll be presented with a certificate of participation and a “Boa Vista Ultra Trail 2016 Finisher” t-shirt.

Can my friends follow my progress?

Absolutely not! This is completely forbidden by the rules! Any external help you receive, including at the check points, will result in immediate disqualification. Warning all Ultratrailers!
Friends, relatives and family members can wait in the vicinity of the headquarters at Sal Rei.

So it’s not a fun run then…

You need to be fully aware of the risks that an event of this kind entails and take full responsibility for them.

Is it possible to purchase a complete package?

Certainly, in collaboration with our partner travel agency, we can provide a flight, accommodation (without board) and race entry in a single package. Please contact and we will let you know the various options available.

What travel documents do I need?

To gain entry to the Cape Verde Islands, you will need a passport that is valid for a minimum of a further six months. You will also need an entry visa. You can obtain a tourist visa directly upon arrival at the airport at Cape Verde or Boa Vista. In this instance, you may be asked to provide documentation proving you are in the country for tourist purposes only.

Do I need vaccinations?

There are no endemic or tropical diseases in Cape Verde and currently no vaccinations are required or compulsory. There are pharmacies on all the Cape Verde Islands including Boa Vista. Nonetheless we would advise you to bring your own medicines with you from home.

Do I have to change my watch?

Cape Verde time is two hours earlier than Italian time.

What is the local language on Boa Vista?

The State of Cape Verde’s official language is Portuguese and the local population speak Creole. Italian is understood and spoken by most of the local people also.

What currency is used on Boa Vista?

The Cape Verde State currency is the Cape Verde Escudo for which there is fixed exchange rate with the Euro of 110.265 ECV. All the main credit cards can be used at the cash machines almost everywhere in the islands. Card payments in restaurants and stores are not the norm so it’s best to take out cash. Euros are accepted throughout the island (on a one-to-one exchange rate: 10 Euro = 1,000 ECV), but dollars are not.

What about electrical voltage?

The voltage in Cape Verde is 220 Volt – the same as in Italy. Plugs are mostly small two-pin Italian-style affairs. But you will also find Schuko plugs.

What about phoning and internet access?

The international prefix for Cape Verde is 00238. We don’t advise using mobile phones for international calls as calling rates are very high. We would advise using internet points or purchasing a local SIM card from one of the local phone companies, Unitel T+ or CV Movel (10 euro or so will buy you 2Gb of internet access on your cell phone).

What about Wi-Fi?

Wi-fi is becoming increasingly widely available. The event’s headquarters are located in the Ca’ Nicola which does have Wi-Fi. Please ask at reception regarding access fees.

How do I get to Boa Vista Island?

Three airlines fly to Cape Verde and the Boa Vista Ultra Trail’s main partner is the Italian company NEOS ( which has direct flights form Bergamo, Verona, Bologna, Milan and Rome to the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. The other two companies are: TAP (a Portuguese airline: which has its hub in Lisbon and connects the main Italian airports directly with the island of Santiago a Praia, while TACV (local Cape Verde airline: connects the various islands and also has some intercontinental services.