Throwing away rubbish = 2 hours
Receiving help outside authorised zones = Disqualification
Arrive at or passage through the CP9 after the hour limitation= Disqualification
Absence or alteration of race number = Disqualification
Drug/doping = Disqualification
Not passing through more than 1 control point = Disqualification
Not passing through one control point = 4 hours
Refuse to show the required medical certificate = Disqualification
Refuse to show : knife, lighter, antiseptic, Signalling mirror, whistle, safety pins and torch = 1 hour
Refuse to show: survival kit with the blanket, mineral salts and food reserve = 3 hours
Refuse to show the sleeping bag = Disqualification
Refuse to show the compass = 2 ore
Refuse to show the backpack = Disqualification