Boa Vista is one of the last-surviving unspoilt paradises, its great swathes of land dominated by ocean and desert. The impact is breathtakingly beautiful as nature reigns supreme on this tiny island off the Senegalese coast.

Boa Vista is one of the 10 islands making up the Cape Verde archipelago which floats in the vastness of the ocean, and is renowned for its arid landscape and incessant Atlantic winds which create absolutely unique conditions.

The island covers an area of 620 square kilometres and is the third largest in the archipelago.

Boa Vista has two desert areas: the sandy Deserto de Viana with its classic dunes and the Deserto de Santo Tirso which is rocky and home to the island’s salt pans.

The highest point on the island is Monte Estância and the main river is the Ribeira de Rabil, which floods to dramatic effect during the rainy season.

Despite its small size, Boa Vista has a very varied landscape that leaves visitors absolutely enchanted as they fall under the spell of an island where desert and ocean meet in a timeless embrace.