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Boa Vista Marathon Club

We were founded in Cabo Verde on October 1 1999 by Piergiorgio Scaramelli, better known as Pier, an Italian ultramarathon athlete who was then competing widely in desert events across the world and is now our president. Boa Vista Marathon Club is a not-for-profit sports club that provides athletic training and also introduces athletes to desert running. We actively promote sport for all regardless of race or religion to help foster social integration. Our other goals include involving differently-abled people in sport, the popularisation of sport and the sporting culture, organising sporting events and participation in competitions in Cabo Verde and across the world.

Event-wise, the Boa Vista Marathon Club has been organising the Boa Vista Ultra Trail with other sports clubs since 2000. Specifically, since 2004, the competition has been run as a 150-kilometre single-stage event organised in collaboration with the Friesian Team.

Friesian Team

We have been promoting sport in our local area, Cesate and the area north of Milan, since 1996. In 2005, we were granted certification as a Sports Training Centre for Triathlon and Competitive Climbing by the Italian Olympic Committee, CONI. Since the very outset, we have worked hard to develop the youth and promotional sector, and for some time now, we’ve enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading entities on the national scene. We have been organising multi-sports events for over 20 years with over 100 different competitions devised and delivered since 1993. In recent years, four of our athletes have been picked for the youth section (Student and Junior) of the Italian national triathlon team: Anna Maria Mazzetti, Davide Bargellini, Massimo De Ponti and Andrea De Ponti. The Friesian Team also takes part in the Tri Kids Nord-Ovest circuit through its youth section in kids, beginner and junior categories. Our age-group movement now encompasses around 200 athletes, including several Ironman competitors. The founder member and president of the Friesian Team is Marco Zaffaroni, a respected Himalayan climber and endurance athlete.